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  • Different programs adapted to your needs
  • 100% secure information
  • 90% Approval Rate
  • Bad or Poor Credit - OK!
  • No Collateral Required
  • No Fixed Payments - Flexible Programs
Requirements: We do not accept start-ups without any credit card transactions. You need at least one month with $2000 in credit card processing.


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My husband and I had been running the same restaurant for eight years, business was slowing down and we decided we needed to make a big change in order to turn the negative trend into something positive. We set up a plan to remodel the restaurant and hire a top chef - this required capital we did not have access to at the time.

After four meetings with the local bank we got turned down, we got in contact with Business Funding Experts and they came through - we had the working capital we needed in just 4 days!

Our restaurant is now flourishing, the advance has been repaid and should we need extra working capital again in the future we will save ourselves time and go straight to Business Funding Experts.

Annie & Frank Jones, Restaurant Owners, Ft. Lauderdale

How to Get a Bad Credit Business Loan

If you're struggling in your business, stop and think about what some extra money could help you do. Getting bad credit loans for business will boost your ability to do more and gain income. You want to succeed, right? Find out a few easy steps to getting a business loan with bad credit.

Get a Cash Advance

Having money to use in your business will help you pay off debt, gain new avenues for resources, get assets you need and even provide funds for marketing. Bad credit business loans with cash advances work like this:

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  • You receive the money up front
  • They collect percentages off of sales made through a credit card on a transaction basis
  • You don’t have monthly bills because payments are taken out when you make sales
  • Usually takes up to a year to pay off the balance

These are the benefits of working with a cash advance program. You get the funds you need and in exchange can pay back the balance over time.

Receiving Bad Credit Business Loans

You do not have to struggle in your business anymore. You can have the cash you need with bad credit loans for business. If you need the funds for your business, get them. Stay in business.

You don't have to go work for someone else when you have your own business. When you receive a business loan with bad credit, you are able to have immediate resources available for you to use in your business. Creating a budget and timeline for you to use the bad credit business loans should allow you the time needed to get cash flow going and boost your income.

Now imagine this scenario, you walk into a bank and apply for bad credit loans for business. You take time coming up with the right paperwork, the right business plan, the drive and motivation to succeed. Once you meet with the bank representative about the business loan with bad credit, you receive word that the interest fees will comprise at least 18% or more. Maybe they even turn you down for a loan.

You don’t have to stop business because of this set back. You can save money with a cash advance instead and not go through the hassle of bank fees, interest rates and even rejection. Why not start today and get the money you need for business. Your credit might not be perfect in the eyes of the bank, but we are pretty confident that we will want to invest in your business! Fill out the simple form up to the right on this page and let’s start working together, 90% of applications are approved and you will have access to the cash within just a few days!